Remember When…

Nineties, Nostalgia, TBT

Do you remember Super Soakers? How about Surge? Gummi Bears (the TV show, not the candy)? If you do, you were probably a child in the nineties. Looking back, I remember it as a simpler time: video games often were in 2-D, VHS tapes from the video store more often than not needed rewound once you got them home, and Pokemon cards were traded in the shady corners of the playground lest they be confiscated by a teacher like they were illegal contraband.

I was born in the late eighties, so some of the popular fads I didn’t get to experience while they were in vogue, while with others I was probably older than the intended audience (but with three younger siblings, it was easy to justify). A lot of them, though, I partook in their heyday with the millions of other kids around the country.

I created this blog mainly as a place to reminisce about the memories I have growing up in the nineties. I’ve noticed while browsing the internet that a number of my generation tend to wax nostalgic about their childhoods. Once a week (hopefully) I’ll try to write about something/some memory about growing up. It’s amazing that while looking back at these toys/fads how many memories they sparked. I think that’s why I look at this potpourri of “stuff” with rose-colored glasses. Like I said before – it was a simpler time. My biggest worry in life was whether or not I was going to ace the next spelling test (I still remember learning how to spell “people”).

So, whether you’re a 20-something having to face the world for the first time or the child of a millennial looking to try to understand your strange parents, or someone else altogether, I hope this blog can be an escape from your day-to-day life, a window into your childhood, and a spark for memories of your own that cause you to remember when…


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